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Business Coach.

As CEO and business coach of Making Your Own Money, Kathleen is committed to helping entrepreneurs find business clarity so they can grow their businesses and understand how money beliefs play a huge role in their ultimate success.

Making Your Own Money provides a unique and candid approach to business coaching. Kathleen has 'WALKED THE TALK' and built a multi-million dollar business in 5 years. Now Kathleen 'TALKS THE WALK' by teaching other women and really smart men how to use her '5-Step M.O.N.E.Y. System' to get the results they deserve in the businesses they love.


Kathleen's "5-Step M.O.N.E.Y. System" is the foundation for creating her multi-million dollar company in just five years. It will help you shift your business from over-DRAFT to over-DRIVE by teaching you:


  • Marketing

  • Operations and systems

  • Numbers and financing

  • Evaluations

  • Your mindset


needed to build a sustainable business and have a healthy bottom line.  Whether you are just starting with your business idea and don't know where to begin or have been in business for a couple of years and have been working too hard for the money you earn, the M.O.N.E.Y. System can help you launch your great idea, work less and make more money.


Visit Making Your Own Money at This could be your first step towards direction, clarity and ultimately, Making Your Own Money!

Interested in Coaching with Kathleen?

Visit her coaching options HERE.


Click HERE to start with a complimentary "Strategy Session for Success" with Kathleen.

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