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A diminutive dynamo, a savvy business woman, an energizing and enthusiastic speaker – Kathleen Mundy has been termed all of these things and wears them proudly.


Going from a successful career in real estate, to being an unemployed single mother, to an unsurpassed entrepreneur, business coach and mentor, Kathleen’s is a riches to rags to riches story.


Kathleen Mundy turned a small investment into a multi-million dollar business in five years and now teaches why ‘Making Your Own Money’ makes a difference in your future. As a business coach and CEO of Making Your Own Money™, a company committed to helping women (and really smart men) reach their full potential and independence in the entrepreneurial world and secure a better future.


Kathleen is co-author of Reading Between the Wines, written around a travelling book club.  Although this full-coloured book is chucked with how-to's for your own book club, it is actually a book written for Kathleen's workaholic daughter. The focus of this novel is to motivate women to find personal space and time with friends.


Kathleen has also co-authored a best-selling novel across multiple categories, Succeeding Against All Odds.  Here Kathleen will inspire you with how she was moved by circumstance and the wisdom of her child to change her life and reinvent herself.  38 other inspiring stories are included in this empowering novel.


Now at the top of her game, Kathleen speaks to audiences to share her dynamic message of empowerment.   She not only speaks from experience to inspire her audience, Kathleen gives them information that they can take away to use in their day-to-day functions in their own enterprises and personal life.

Want Kathleen to speak at your next event?

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